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<p align="left">This song will make you <em>hungry!</em> Be sure to have some wine and cheese near by at the very least...</p>


<p align="center"><font color="#ff9900" size="1"><br />
Gin tonic, bottle o&rsquo; red, Put on your mushroom cap, and jump in yo&rsquo; lettuce bed <br />
Swimmin&rsquo; in butter, parsley and wine You know that escargot, she sho&rsquo; look fine <br />
<br />
Olive oil, in a balsamic vin&rsquo;grette, Been tellin&rsquo; those lies &lsquo;bout the salmon croquette <br />
Zucchini Frittata, on an over-sized plate, Sayin: &ldquo;I might be early, but you know I ain&rsquo;t late&rdquo; <br />
<br />
Marinated mushrooms, saut&eacute;ed on high <br />
Somebody turned the heat up on &lsquo;em , and they began to cry <br />
Fancy black olives, that come in a can <br />
You know they jumped right out the skillet, and straight into the saut&eacute; pan <br />
<br />
Tomato sauce, kissin all up on the bread. The purple onion blushed, and turned a deeper shade of red. Red snapper, filleted the sole And he pan-fried his friend with almonds and pur&eacute;ed mango <br />
<br />
A full-figured pizza, a saucy little number Made gnocchi outta the taters, and pickled the cucumber. Antipasto, was one cool cat The bread sticks said: &ldquo;Man you ain&rsquo;t all that!&rdquo; <br />
<br />
Fettuccini, in an alfredo sauce Got stabbed by the fork, and was given a toss <br />
Fresh basil leaves, imported sea salt&hellip; They thought they got away with it, but they got caught <br />
<br />
A Tuscan bread pudding, with an apricot glaze <br />
The cappuccino maker said: &ldquo;I&rsquo;ve seen better days&rdquo; <br />
Fresh basil leaves, and imported sea salt <br />
Thought they got away with it, but they got caught <br />
<br />
Espresso coffee, Tiramisu - Brings to an end, these Italian Restaurant blues <br />
Gin tonic, bottle o&rsquo; Red &ndash; Drink up yo&rsquo; night cap, it&rsquo;s time fo&rsquo; bed&hellip; <br />
<br />